The Sleepwalkers

The Sleepwalkers

ISBN: 0141394536

ISBN 13: 9780141394534

Publication Date: August 07, 2014

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd

Pages: 592

Format: Paperback

Author: Arthur Koestler

4.25 of 29

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Arthur Koestler's extraordinary history of humanity's changing vision of the universe

In this masterly synthesis, Arthur Koestler cuts through the sterile distinction between 'sciences' and 'humanities' to bring to life the whole history of cosmology from the Babylonians to Newton. He shows how the tragic split between science and religion arose and how, in particular, the modern world-view replaced the medieval world-view in the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century. He also provides vivid and judicious pen-portraits of a string of great scientists and makes clear the role that political bias and unconscious prejudice played in their creativity.