Witch Upon a Star

Witch Upon a Star

ISBN: 0738736139

ISBN 13: 9780738736136

Publication Date: March 08, 2015

Publisher: Midnight Ink

Pages: 312

Format: Paperback

Author: Jennifer Harlow

3.82 of 122

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He came for her in the night. One of the most powerful vampires in existence. He plucked young witch Anna Olmstead from a life of poverty and degradation at the hands of her abusive father. He showed her the world--a dark paradise filled with excitement. Wealth. Privilege. Power. And above all...love.


But her love wasn't enough for him. He needed to possess everything about her--her identity, her soul. After a horrendous act of violence rippled through the supernatural community and caused Anna to flee his mad love, Asher still refuses to let her go. He's coming for her again. And this time, it's Anna's turn to take his everything.


"A great mystery and a romp into the fantasy world that is dark, frightening, and a whole lot of fun."--Suspense Magazine