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Homeland - Fernando Aramburu & Alfred MacAdam


Por Fernando Aramburu & Alfred MacAdam

  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 2019-03-05
  • Género: Literary


Fernando Aramburu's internationally acclaimed novel evokes an unresolved history of violence, giving a fictional account of lives shattered by Basque terrorism even as it rekindles debate about truth and reconciliation.

Lifetime friends become bitter enemies when the father of one family is killed by militants—one of whom is a son from the other family. Told in short sections highlighting a rich multiplicity of characters from all walks of life, Homeland brilliantly unfolds in nonlinear fashion as it traces the moral dilemmas faced by the families of murder victim and perpetrator alike. Aramburu alludes only obliquely to the historical context while he focuses on the psychological complexity of his characters and builds nearly unbearable suspense.

Homeland is a staggering international event: the most praised and most successful novel published in Spain in recent, a masterpiece that has captured the imagination of readers the world over. Here, eagerly anticipated, is the deft and elegant English-language translation.