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Maplewood in Love - Elizabeth Bromke

Maplewood in Love

Por Elizabeth Bromke

  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 2019-02-07
  • Género: Romance


Can love at first sight… last?

Mary will be turning thirty soon, and with each passing year she roots herself more firmly in her old-fashioned ways and traditional notions of courtship. She is determined to get married and start a family… but only if she meets the perfect man: one who can wait for her.

Kurt Cutler is divorced and tired of life in the big city. Sure, he has his billion-dollar tech start-up and all the freedom that big money can offer. But, is money enough? Will his past keep Kurt from having the one thing he has always wanted?

Mary Delaney and Kurt Cutler only met two days ago, but happily-ever-after already feels close within their reach. Download Maplewood in Love to find out if they can move from first kiss to forever in this fast-paced short read.