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Mechanics of Demonology - G.P. Haggart

Mechanics of Demonology

Por G.P. Haggart

  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 2011-06-10
  • Género: Cristianismo


Protestant exorcist and pastor G.P. Haggart breaks down the study of demonology for educational purposes. Forward by Demonologist Tracy Bacon. G.P. Haggart tells the story of his first encounter with a demon that propelled him sixteen years later to battle demons and empower victims of demonic haunts. Discover the knowledge needed to confront demons, how to investigate a demonic haunt, how to debunk a demonic haunt, characteristics of demons, the science of possession, the origin and nature of evil, the four theories of the origins of demons, exorcism, diabolical metaphysics and much more.