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The Economics of Sex - Robert Shields

The Economics of Sex

Por Robert Shields

  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 2011-09-07
  • Género: Autoayuda


A funny and intriguing perception into sex with the use of economics. A compelling exercise for the arm chair intellectual, or those just curious as to what happened in their sex lives when nothing else could explain it. Robert Shields is an expert witness as an economist in the utility industry. He has testified in a multitude of dockets and other legal proceedings. Graduating at the top of his economics class at the University of Arkansas and winning the award as the "Most Outstanding Student in Economics," he applies his worldly insight of economics to the arena of sex, explaining some of the better or worse moments of our sex lives. Shields is also a syndicated sports writer. He applies his same comical humor that he has used for over ten years in his sports column. His incorporation of witticism and sex make this study in economics worthwhile.