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Royal Icing - Giovanna Geremicca

Royal Icing

Por Giovanna Geremicca

  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 2011-11-10
  • Género: Gastronomía
Puntuación: 4
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In this eBook in the series iCake Italian, Giovanna Geremicca will show you step by step how to make royal icing, an invaluable aid  both in decorating cakes with a piping bag and covering them, as well as giving an entirely different effect from fondant icing.
Similar to  Italian meringue you  will use it as a glue to attach the  sculptures or add  finishing touches, curls and many other decorations that you will find in the iCake Italian eBook series  - white or colored, this recipe will give you great satisfaction.
As usual... Make way for fantasy and You Cake Italian!!