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Haydn - James Cuthbert Hadden


Por James Cuthbert Hadden

  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 1914-01-01
  • Género: Biografías y memorias


Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) is renowned as one of the most eminent and prolific composers of the classical period of western music. By the end of his life he had become one of the most famous composers in Europe. He developed the musical forms which became the symphony and the string quartet and was also instrumental in the development of the sonata. This volume, first published in 1902 and written by biographer James Cuthbert Hadden focuses on Haydn's career and personality rather than his music. Arranged chronologically according to major locations where Haydn visited or lived, Hadden describes Haydn's daily life, character and growing fame in great detail. Based on the first comprehensive biography of Haydn, Carl Ferdinand Pohl's Joseph Haydn, this volume was considered the most complete account of Haydn's life in English at the time of publication.